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Will it be a good idea for the Military Simulator to have VC?

I hope everybody knows that Roblox will be releasing VC (Voice Chat) for everyone.
So when it will be released for everyone, will it be a good idea that Military Simulator would have a VC option? If so why?

If a raider were to kill a Red Army, I would really want to know what the raider would say to the Red Army after killing.

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And how the RA would respond to the raider, ngl itd probably cause so much more toxicity.

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This would create so many issues with cyber bullying I hate to say it!


You’re absolutely right on that one, especially in game like FPS games. I think that for the VC beta it only allows it for servers with a max player limit of 30 and under.

I want to hear TFOC screaming post and RA yelling at TFOC.

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lol I would mic up with so many kids and listen to every single one of the cringy voices

just use the discord VC

If there was VC We would be hearing kids crying ALOT because they keep getting themselves killed

(I enjoy killing them)
(Not RKing)
(Just when they break a rule)

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For people who don’t know the rules of VC and how its gonna work, here is some info:

  1. To get the VC option, you gonna have to verify your age with a passport or other ID.
  2. VC will be only given for 13+ users.

Wasn’t it 18+? Did they change it or has it always been 13+?

It was changed from 18+ to 13+.

like they will talk bad things in it

If I had voice chat, as a Militsiya NCO I could get some attention from officers and comrades easily