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Why is cuff camping acceptable but raiders SKing RA not allowed?

We’ve been raiding for about a year or two. Most of us have been in different raiding groups in their peaks or their downs. We decided that we think it is unfair that TSU divisional morphs and members are given more perks and privileges than raiders. Morphs do not play a part in this except that Airborne is more worth it for RA. However, why don’t raiders get as many benefits as people with cuffs or morphs that have armo(u)r like Spetsnaz? What makes cuffing such an issue for raiders is the fact that people with cuffs can cuff camp and cuff spam and jail aos raiders for 5 minutes. But when raiders SK TSU, they get banned for days. We think that raiders should either get less time off of a TSU SK ban or fully allow it. This is just our opinion.

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They are both different things though. Spawn killing means the Red Army can’t fight back at all, making it unfair. Aside that, raiders are able to fight back cuff camping by not being in an AOS group in the first place but maybe a KOS group instead.

Cuffing means that raiders cant fight back at all for 5 minutes per jail.

I cant get my AOS off

yea ik quak. we all know