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Whitch one is better?

5th Rifles or CRU? :gun:

I mean, there is no best; they both have their different jobs and things they have to do. Plus you can join 1 primary division and 1 secondary division so you can join both CRU and 5th Rifles. If I’m being honest I’d prefer CRU because of the chill community and you get a free sniper if you don’t already have the sniper, but I’ve never been in 5th for a while so I couldn’t tell ya what the community there is like.

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this is the most advanced repliy ive ever seen :laughing:

i just discharged from cru like 3 days ago and im staying divisionless till spets academy opens

CRU literally gets a sniper so it is CRU.

Cru in V2, 5th in V1.

Ah that’s cool, I’m doing the same thing but with either KGB or MDD whenever that gets released.

Correction: Instead of “Whitch” it should be “Which” in the title. :wink:

I think 5th because CRU randomly shoot Me when I go off duty.

ok sorry lol i didnt see that

thank you for telling me

uh how do i edit the title