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What is your opinion on the current Spetsnaz

I think we can all agree that divisions have their ups and downs, however I want to know your opinion on the current Spetsnaz.
The Spetsnaz are supposed to be the most elite division within the motherland. But, are they actually the most elite division currently? I want to know your opinion, so go ahead and comment on this telling me what you think and why.

5th rifles are better at combat in v2 compared to normal Spetsnaz members unless it’s Awiek or Tzster

Idk spetsnaz are rare to see them in combat, I do believe that they’re trained to become the best of the best, strong discipline and good combat skills.

Only about 2 of them are good in combat the rest can easily be beat

The Spetsnaz are pretty good. You just gotta hope the one you ran into is one who uses there gun more than there cuffs, because if you run into that person. Your gonna get cuffed : /. Overall Spetsnaz cool ig

Cuff abusers with fake skill atm negl

spetsnaz are trash at combat but not as bad as those pay to win tic members i can beat almost any tic member easily

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wow toxic clowns you love to see it ( I may be in RA but don’t thinks thats nice to say about TIC when if you look at JR and Hydra about 20+ people with alien and almost all gamepasses)

istg, med is always wanting to insult TIC even when they aren’t even in the subject of the question, smh.


yes Hello, An actual spetsnaz member. All divisions have their ups and downs, just like all things in life, But my viewpoint of it, is good. I personally love spetsnaz.

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Well my current opinion on spetsnaz is they should revamp the whole thing and train all their members for combat and make sure there the best of the best because right now spetsnaz cant defeat a 5th rifle in combat

i dont like how they get extra armour, i mean it gives them an extreme advantage with the armour, but some can be good at combat but i find it unfair when i literally have 100 health and they have 180 (or something else idk)

Pretty much every division gets extra armor, so complaining about the armor they do get wouldn’t get you far because your basically arguing that other divisions shouldn’t have it. Like, if Spetsnaz “shouldn’t” have extra armor than other divisions shouldn’t either because Spetsnaz’s role and importance in TSU. The Spetsnaz are secretive, mature, and good fighters. Don’t you think it’s good that they do get extra armor in cases where they are fighting front lines and are fighting raiders who have perks and the advantage in a way, leading them to long fights.

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im talking about v1 not v2 -_-

First of all, how am I supposed to know that you are, but anyways. Some things that I said still apply to V1.

no, only sub-divisions

:sneezing_face: sick


The old spetsnaz were way better but the ones we have now are alright.