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What happens if someone is AOS and KOS?

Do they get both tags or do both groups appear when you hover over the user? Or maybe multiple KOS and AOS groups as well.

This is a guess

Pretty sure that one cannot get a KOS / AOS group shown multiple times. I’m saying if a person is in multiple AOS/KOS groups, only 1 will be shown. So there is going to be a list with all the group ID numbers. The system will go through individual group IDs to check if this person is in the group. If they are not in the group, go to the next one. This repeats until a group is found that the person is in. Then the line of code terminates and it only shows that group, and not the other ones.

So to answer this, it would be based on this list for which group is first, in which I do not know the order of.

You cant be AoS and KoS at the same time. If you have personal AoS but you’re in a KoS group for example, it will just show the AoS tag instead of the group tag.

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