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TSU what if Aleins appeared?

Before We begin the type of Aliens that will have show up is not the V1 gamepass type

This takes place around V2

I will tell 3 stories about the aliens

Each one is taking place in a different universe

In the first story it will be if the aliens sided with America
In the next story it will be if the aliens sided with TSU
In the last story it will be if the Aliens invaded the planet.

Story 1:

In the American territory an object falls from the sky 2 squads are sent to investigate
It is a space ship one soldier says it opens up and an Alien comes out the soldiers aim their guns and the commander say WHO ARE YOU WHAT ARE YOU!
The alien presses buttons on a thing on His wrist The aliens says I need help
The commander said what do You mean
The alien says I got separated from My home planet and I need a way to tell them where I am
The commander goes on the raido and tells command whats going on
Command then says to bring the alien back to base
At the base 2 FBI agents and the president start talking to the alien
The alien says that He just wants to go home
The President says if We do this will You help us defeat the Soviets?
The Alien says anything if I can get back
The president says alright how can We help
The alien says I just need a communications device
The president lets the alien use NASA satellite to contact his planet
3 months later aliens arrive in America
They give America weapons and power
2 weeks later
America is free from soviet control

3 months later Europe is liberated from Soviet forces

1 day later
American and Alien forces attack the Capital of Russia

After the war the Soviets lost the war and the bad news is We all like Vikinglaw but sadly in this universe He dies

But not John He leads rebellions’ against America

Story 2:

Aliens side with Soviet forces

In northern Russia an object crashes into the ice feilds
5th rifle are sent to investigate
All the 5th rifle troopers find the alien ship the alien comes out and says HELP ME
The 5th NCO brings the Alien back to the facility there the KGB decide to bring Him to the premiers Office
At premiers office
The alien and Vikinglaw have a little chat
The alien says I just want to go back to My planet
Vikinglaw says He can help Him with that if He promises to allow Alien forces to ally themselves with the Soviets
The Alien accepts
3 months later
The Aliens invade America but are then nuked
The Americans then start experimenting with the Alien tech
The FBI send cyberattacks to the aliens
The Aliens are forced to leave and with Russia and America both having Alien tech the war continues

Story 3
Alien invasion

In America in Russian territory Alien spaceships start to appear and destroy 4 borders

In the American territory Alien spaceships start destroying military bases

After a few days of the Aliens attacking The Soviets and the Americans decide to form a Alliance
After stealing Alien tech the UN are able to repel the invasion
3 Months later
UN forces make weapons out of Alien tech and invade their planet
2 years later
The Aliens are defeated and 50% of the Aliens weapons belong to the Soviets while the rest belong to the Americans

And after defeating the aliens the Soviet Union and the United states did not see a purpose to continue the war
The Soviets free America and the war ends
What a happy ending

Me who didn’t even read it: Ok