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TFOC attractive?

(Don’t know if attractive is the right word but oof) I am just curious of the people here on the forums think about TFOC. I would say that I have played for not more than 1.5 hours total at the V2 border. The biggest part of that are TFOC. Don’t get me wrong, the V2 is much more functional than V1. (A major part of it is that there are less raiders too but) TFOC just makes the border more stable and functional. The thing that makes me not wanna play is that I don’t for the most time play to actually “do work”. I think the most fun part is to stand on a line in the V1 border and talk to people. Either MRs about their experiences or answering questions from LRs.

The best thing is to do a combination of both, for example guarding a post as miltsiya in the city whilst talking to immigrants or fellow miltsiya members of whatever. I tried to experiment with TFOC once. I would get into a server I flat out refuse to go to “my post”. I just said that “I am at my post”. The guy killed me over and over again for pretty much 20 min. After that he tried to get sense out of me and after 10 minutes of conversation. He finally gave up. Until another TFOC joined and the cycle started again.

I only play for 30 min to get my reward so the conclusion was that it was not worth anyone’s time. And being a troll here and there is okay if you read from my book. But being a troll whenever you are deployed can really get on some peoples nerves.

The main question is from all of this, do you think that TFOC makes more people want to play V1 border.

(I think that TFOC is a good idea, but it has space to be improved and more [insert the correct word] by the people)

As an officer of TFOC, I’ll admit that we can make the game somewhat unappealing to new players, but I think they should understand that we are trying to help them grow and prepare them for when they choose to become a branch officer or join a division/subdivision/department; immaturity and insubordination is never acceptable in any one of those, they have rules you know! So I don’t like how you went to V2 just to troll TFOC. If you’re going to play V2 (or even V1 for that matter) listen to TFOC or all superiors (if V1) and never act immature. No division/sub/department allows any of that and we are just trying to help you end that behavior so you can become worthy of any of those.

I allow conversations between personnel within reason. If conversations become distracting or go in an ugly direction, I will condemn it. I think some TFOC personnel should be a bit more lenient with conversation between personnel to be honest. You can also utilize TSU Discord chat, no TFOC can stop you there!

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My opinion of TFOC, I think it’s a beautiful thing, just always looked at in the wrong way. Like I said, they exist for the greater good of the RA (fixing bad behavior).

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the only attractive tfoc was @FireFox101015 but hes not in tfoc anymore so tfoc are ugly

I agree with you, the concept of TFOC is good. Making people understand their duties better, how to act when deployed etc. I think that if TFOC gets enough time and are represented in a different way, it would be more beneficial to the community and the servers of course. About the immature thing, as I said it was an experiment, I am for the most part respectful to my superiors. And when I say for the most part, the other part is when I just go somewhere else when they come and give me orders, can’t really order me to not do something irl instead of playing the game.

In V1 I try to act as mature as I can whilst being around LRs. Many will probably agree when I say that MRs (The cap) is praised by LRs. So of course we got an duty to be a symbol of “successfulness” within our branch. But still, I see Senior Majors in Miltsiya, Senior Politburos, Colonels that has done stuff that if you ask me are not “mature” (While they are deployed as them, not off duty). If Immatureness was an demotion offense within divisions, I would have indirectly blacklisted plenty of people and had the ability to indirect blacklist even more if I even recorded it.

And if I just want to have fun with some Fellow MR friends or something. We find a remoted place and talk and do stuff there. If a LR comes up, we usually stops and tries to get them away. Sometimes people who are a part of OMON/5th/CRU/109th comes being deployed as RA and joins us. But if an HR comes up and tells us to go to our posts. We do that! We say understood and we do what he/she orders us to do. And sometimes the officer can even encounter us with a smile on their face.

I know plenty of HR people even few HICOM people that I have had so much fun with in game whilst being on duty. Heck even when I became a SP, I still have the log of my first patrol. And I would say that I was acting a bit immature. Not the strict guy, let some stuff that I personally thought was not that important slip. And I was observed by the Chairman Politburo trough the whole thing. He stated after that it went very well.

I don’t think that a guy deployed as OMON talking with people, having a nice time should be something “not good”. OMON talking with people isn’t immature but they can talk in a immature way. And I prefer that, over overly strict officers. Most of the liked officer in pretty much all branches from my perspective are the officer that talks the most with the common people and are approachable in a nice way.

Of course a certain level of matureness should be require for you to be in officer or join a division. But I do think that skill within’ the divisions duty are far more important than how they act. I hate seeing LRs coming up to me talking like they are shivering extremely. Their tone of voice always change during the conversation because they realize that I won’t be super angry if they forget a capital letter in the beginning of the sentence or misspell Miltsiaya.

Because many LRs have gotten the imagine that if you even want to become anything in the TSU. You need to act like a Spetsnaz Officer. And in my view of the TSU, that is not true and shouldn’t be true. We can just look at the CPSU elections for an example. There are people who do their job good, but are not connected with the participants of their events. Then there are less skilled people who have great connections with the player base. The people will they most votes are the most social interactive players.

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Most of MRs join MS2 and the reasons are:

  1. Tired of operating the V1 border.
  2. V2 is not operated by them so they can calm down on the roof or on the balcony for some minutes.
  3. They can go to the roof in peace.
  4. There are no crazy ammounts of rocks.

Finally as a former TFOC i believe that TFOC has to stay as it is. Removing it will cause to a chaos. Adding it to MS1 with their same duty will cause chaos unless they are just checking if everything goes correct in the MS1 border as a duty. Then that will cause more people to join because rocks will stand down with their stupid and immature behaviour.

What about RG UwU lol

Well, they only take away the privilege of sniffing VIPs. Which is sad.

Very attractive IIII

Morph: No

Members: No

Their job: No

In Military Simulator V1: No

That’s gonna be a hard no for me though.

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you were in tfoc at one point nub