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Server Commanding Officer title MS1


Commanding officer role means that the highest rank in RA in the server will have a “VIP:1 automatically assigned by game” in the bio .
If an SSGT is the highest rank in the server and a Cpt joins then the VIP:1 will be removed and re assigned to the Captain.
If there are multiple same ranks the system will randomly assign the VIP and Commanding Officer sign above the head.
This future will be only in MS1.
This will be something like BD but different just to expand the border Directorate and other things.

Probably the Commanding Officer no matter what rank he is Major,Captain,Sergeant major, Lieutenant must be guarded by RxG since the system will automatically assign VIP Level 1 to the highest RA rank in the server.

Let me know if anyone has something in mind that can make this suggestion better or something to fix it.

1st things to make clear.
This will NEVER be abused since a lot of other very unqualified people have BD VIP and they are guarded so don’t use the word abuse in the comments because your statement WILL be false

2nd: DO NOT say “This will need a lot of processing”. No. You don’t have the right to say that since you will not make the processing and since you are not an expert to judge if this will be truly hard.

Just made clear few stuff.

RA Officers are going to be happy that they will be guarded over 95% of the time when they play. Not sure how this will affect divisions with guarding.

Red Guards guards Red Guard

Would be a cool concept I’d love to see this happen.

It sounds ok, but the main problem I see is why? Why do they need to be guarded? Why do they need to be a VIP? I like the concept, but maybe instead of being a VIP, they can have other abilities, like say, the ability to make announcements, or maybe a better clearance card, or a special office. Like I said, good concept, but they don’t need guards.

Low - Mid ranks don’t need guarding, infact not even officers need guarding. They aren’t that special and therefore don’t need guarding.