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Officer Appreciation!

Officer Appreciation day?

Hey there! We all know how hard our officers and HICOM work daily to make the TSU experience great! But we have no day to celebrate them?!?! I think that’s ridiculous! Would you like to join me in forming officer appreciation day?

Start an officer appreciation day?
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In addition to this, go show your officers and HICOM some love! Tell them how much you appreciate their hard work!

Leave you favorite HICOM / HR down below and explain why you admire them and/or appreciate them! :slight_smile:

My favorite HICOM is Unlinked! He puts so much time and dedication into this group, especially OMON and I think that deserves recognition!


For what do you post this message? Is this the wrong category?

I was just saying that a lot of them don’t really check the game appeals, but yeah right category.

My favorite HICOM is Armundus. Quiet simply it is a fact that he is the best HICOM.

Disclaimer This does represent V&K industries’ beliefs.

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“Justin’s Secretary” though…

Don’t bully Camdwill l, he is chief of epic ness department for V&K. This position is to be respected.

Yes lets apreciate their countless times they have false banned people been toxic to people harassed people ah yes that should get a special day.

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No more good officers, Allazha was one of the best in my opinion but really nowadays the new generation of officers aren’t chill and treat this game like it is their life.

Sinister sins, Vasin, Mac, luhcoa,

anyways my fav hicom for each category is:

5th reg hicom: xxnowaterx because he is pro mango father

5th hicom: robert because he host actual events cough cough kraig

cpsu hicom: @John12_027 because i am his pro ducky!!!

fav ra hicom: reckless bcos he chill but if you mess with him he do some pretty bad destrucc

ok that is it