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[NEW] Need help getting in a division?

Hey, wanna become me?

Alright so as a former div member if you want tips, (which I was about to make a vid before I got banned) here are some:


  • Get good in combat, meaning if you can score at least 1 minute in Zombie Aim Training, then you’ll be more then prepared to join divisions like 5th and 109th, maybe OMON.
    Zombie Aim Challenge - Roblox

  • In combat, TSU is highly shiftlock/TPS based. There are no FPS tryouts, does this look like CoD mobile tryouts for Ghost’s Squad? NO a video below is provided so you may learn how to properly shoot lego characters ingame. Zombie Aim Challenge 10:42 - YouTube

Typing & Grammar Jacks

  • Right, so you wanna get in a division, I see, well you first of all need practice, practice your typing skills, get at least 85+ WPM with no mistakes. See if you can get 90% accuracy and 87 WPM, it should be pretty easy.

  • If you need help in much more then just typing, feel free to friend me on discord as I can help. Imperial#0002

  • Lastly, time management as you see, you need brains and skill, but also at the same time maintain your irl status. You don’t wanna become a fat discord moderator Stuffing Cheetos in your mouth do ya? Yea, no, now you should practice about 30 minutes a day, 30 minutes a day on TPS combat, maybe attend 1 CT a day, sooner or later maybe after 3 months you’ll qualify for 5th Rifles. I started off as any 2016 player, until 7OZ a terminated account introduced me to TPS combat, each day he assigned me 30 minutes and if I failed to beat him by the end of the month, then he’ll stop teaching me. I practiced 30 minutes a day and eventually I got into Republic Commandos for now a 35k+ group.

Integrity and self discipline

  • Like I said, don’t give up, the more you give up the less chances you have. Most of all, don’t be toxic, if others are toxic it doesn’t matter, that just symbolizes how much of a lowlife they are getting angry at possibly the worst platform in the entire gaming community. Stand out, don’t get angry over little 14 year olds being toxic losing over a lego game. So the entire thing here is basically to not give up, keep trying.

As you may know, well, TSU has a background checking system and I think back when I was 5th I had multiple people ask me so I won’t leak all the details, but i’ll tell you how to increase your background score.

  • First of all, you need badges, get at least 100+ of them and ensure they don’t look like an alt.

  • Second, believe it or not, if you were like an AOS/KOS group higher NCO or possibly a CO there, your chances may increase. Why? Ahh, because they’ll know you’re more experienced in the TSU genre. Both communities the raiding and the TSU one know you well enough, then your chances are most likely somewhat higher.

  • Account age, right so, I checked my score over and over month by month, slowly it grew from 6 to 7 then I joined 109th then 8, then joined 5th and 8.27, stayed in 5th for a very long time then I went bye bye. My score went to 8, how? Your account age is older that means the chances of you being an alt account is very low. Let’s say 1000+ days old, DOPE! Your chances may be raised higher.

  • Last one i’ll tell is Attitude and main branch rank. So I noticed, with my friend LAmetrogreenline my school friend, he used to onduty raid, I told him to not onduty raid if he wanted to become 5th, so he started behaving, ingame, no longer throwing molotovs all around ruining Red Guard events. (From what he told me) then eventually he joined 5th as I trained him in combat, then after he got in 5th following my ideals above. Notice that most 5th Rifle members or divisional members are NCOs? The reason being is that NCO’s most of the time, not all, most of the time are competent enough to remind the RA to not be idiots, they act as the superiors sometimes when TFOC is not around in V1.

If you try, you can become me one day.

Extra knowledge

  • I’m not sure if all divisions have a BQC system, but some divisions don’t have a very serious BQC system, like 109th. Most members make it into 109th if you have decent typing, decent maturity, and decent combat.

  • Divisional personnel do not have teamkill warnings, nor do officers and above.

  • Don’t attend a tryout if your wifi or device is bad, especially don’t attend on a mobile device.

I’m no longer in TSU and no longer plan to ever return unless its to operate the booth for an hour, but other then that I know divisional agents and staff operating the BQC are going to be mad pissed people are actually noticing but anyways, imma put this out incase anybody wants to see it and even if they don’t, ill eventually make a video about it so it couldn’t be taken down. But other then that, enjoy! There are far more tips from me but that’s just 1/4 of them. Legit already helped 2 people get into 5th because of my tips. :wink:

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