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Multiple types of rocks

Multiple types of rocks
They average rock, the literal rock, the JC, the jc in booth, the initiate, the printer, the initiate who tells immigrants to shush, the initiate with the gun, the rock who RKs, the rock who is off duty raiding but says he isn’t in RA, the rock who joined a AOS, the rock who went outside, the rock who went outside and cuff abused, the rock who thinks cuffs are hacks, the rock who thinks he is a officer, the rock in the division, the rock who wants honor, the rock who buys honor, the rock who dances, the rock who bypass music, the rock who is glitching, the rock who reported a afk farmer with invalid proof, the rock who is complains about being reported, the one who sends reports in in game screenshots, the one who doesn’t send a picture, the one who uses wrong channels, the one who cheated, the one who guards BD, the BD, the divisional disrespect man, the one using cuffs as RA, the one who has a RPG, the one who doesn’t know grammar, the noob, the insulted, the afk farmer, the alter, the one who forges evidence, the one who spams, the one who cries, the kid, the tp abuser, the gamepass guy, the capitalist, the forum man, the one who lost all their points, the one who thinks tryouts are trainings, the one who doesn’t understand divisional requirement, the one who ignored descriptions, the one who joined a friend who is currently doing a event, the “OMG SO MANY OF THEM” person, the excited one, the sad one, the one who knows everything but don’t, the noob who doesn’t know how to get into a division, the one who things a sub is a main, the one who asks too many basic questions, the one who hates gas masks, the one who doesn’t know why gas cause DMG, the one who shoots you in the back when you try to open a door, the one who likes to get revenge and TKs, the one who is like “HAHA IM NOT BANNED”, the one who thinks spies are hackers, the one who thinks NCO’s are HICOMS, the one who vibes with raiders, the human shield, the chill man, the one who goes with the flow, the one who thinks this is a actual RP game, the one who helps immigrants, the one who helps friends, the one who has a keycard 4, the one who posts random picture, the one who scream UwU, the one who sniffs necks, the one who messes up the SFL, the one who thinks he is the host, the one who breaks PTS, the one who doesn’t know what PTS is, the one who has his friends do the work, the one who googles answers, the silent one, the deserter, the LR, the one who wants to be a officer but then ends up banned, the one who complains about a ban, the one who reports someone for reporting them, the person who breaks CoC, the clash of clans player, the LR running for CoP/Vcop with a speech saying “vote me I will make CPSU good”, the briber

Did you think that was the end? Nah so here is a screenshot to make this topic a bit smaller


honer sir?

(20 characters xdddd)

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Why is it so long? I’m most likely going to read all of this.

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Why are there so many rocks?

Ah yes all the rocks exposed.

You just described the game.

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I think you forgot the rock that TK’s divisions after being kill by a division.

And saying “UwU” that just doesn’t make sense how that makes them a rock cause it doesn’t so thats your first mistake.

That is a lot of rocks, wow…