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Laxducky reporting mxfi_ia


Reporter username: laxducky
Reported user: mxf_ia


when i get the ban for taemkilling offciers he said xd in dms and this hurt me feelings and its racist


Major bruh moment we got here

you are funny’nt, you donut

wgat u mean this racism isnt funny dude this is coruptiiton :rage:

I cant tell if this is a joke or not.

its not a flipping joke dud ethis is straight up corupt :rage::rage:

WHO U CALLIN A CLOW!??!?!?! BRO !V! ME :rage: IM GONNA SK U KID UR ON KOS LIST :rage::smiling_imp:

lol i wish i was kos


yes sor. . . . . . .

I agree he should get reported like dang hes mean but any other proof???

yes i can show rest fot e conversation of this idiot noob

oki than 1v1 now or else

:hot_face: :hot_face: what such a hawt person also y be mean to ducky

First of all, I do think it’s funny that you got banned, because you over reacted. Teamkill bans only last for a few days. I also couldn’t find any racism in this post. This guy didn’t deserve to be reported. If you didn’t like what he said, (I don’t know why it would hurt your feelings) then just stop talking to him.

I’d agree. This is a very unreasonable report.

He is a real clown lol. I saw how he talked to you XD! Ahh you just can’t take some people seriously…

I don’t think this is enough to get someone punished though.

oh boy the snowflakes found my post

when the the when th ee band kid become the the when he become snowflake and does the the stupid