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Introduction and tips: RA

Introduction and tips: Red Army Version.

Hello, soldiers and comrades. My name is Johxnyy, I am a former officer in the Red Army.

I have been working here as A Lieutenant Colonel, A Red Guard, A TFOC, A 109th Infantry MR, and a CRU member.

I quit TSU as a whole half a year ago, but after a while, I have decided to help the others coordinate themselves with ease.

So let’s start off.

Welcome to the Red Army. You are currently at the forums section reading this, as a soldier you will patrol the border, guard it, and process the immigrants.

You will start as an Initiate in the army, aka 1 honor.

Honor is the system we use here to rank up, honor can be gained by:

  • Reporting AFK farmers.
  • Activity in-game.
  • Attending events.

The honor gained by activity works like this:
30 minutes → 2 hours = 1 honor
3 hours → 4 hours = 2 honor
5 hours → 9 hours = 3 honor
10 hours → 18 hours = 4 honor
19 hours → 22 hours = 5 honor
23 hours+ = 6 honor

To achieve a certain rank you will have to achieve a certain amount of honor, which works like this.

1 honor → Initiate
2 honor → Junior Conscript
7 honor → Conscript
15 honor → Senior Conscript
35 honor → Corporal
50 honor → Sergeant
70 honor → Staff Sergeant
80 honor → Sergeant Major
100 honor → Junior Lieutenant
115 honor → Lieutenant
135 honor → Senior Lieutenant
165 honor → Captain

When you reach the rank of Corporal, head to the recruitment section in the discord and you’ll find the invitation to the officer academy, you’ll go through some phases and everything you need to know as an officer will be explained there, make sure to not talk about their phases anywhere.

For more information, please head to RA promotion system.

Main information:

To find most of the main information you search for, you should go to RA information section.

Another way is to go to the discord server and heading to the rules channel and the information billboard channel.


The official discord invite: 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐒𝐎𝐕𝐈𝐄𝐓 𝐔𝐍𝐈𝐎𝐍.


As you may know, immigrants do not have the right to free roam, but if they own the rank Premiers Chosen they do have that right, no other Aristocrat ranks have the permission do so.

Click here to buy the Premiers Chosen rank, after that send a request to the aristocracy group.

  • You get an exclusive symbol above your head in-game.
  • You get mod ingame with commands you can use on yourself.
  • You get the ability to free roam.
    To open the admin panel press “CTRL” on your keyboard several times, quickly. Use “help” in the admin panel to see all commands available.


During your adventure in The Red Army, you will be able to join any division you want to.

As a RA soldier, you will be able to join a division affiliated with the Red Army.

As a Militsiya you will be able to join any division related to the Militsiya.

Most of the divisions you want to join will be announced in the events section of the discord, but some of them will be announced in the recruitment section.


As a RA member, you are able to join any sub-division, even if you are in a division.

The Soviet Media will be announced in the recruitment section.

Biopreparat will be announced in the recruitment section.

5ths Rifle Division will be announced in the events section.

Forums use:

The forums have been created to:

  • Post/Update information.
  • Discuss or chat with other people.
  • Report a player.
  • Appeal a ban.

To report a player breaking the rules you will press the New Topic Button in the main page.


A menu will pop up, insert the destination of your report: “Reports”, “Players, Bugs, or Exploiters.” and insert an optional tag, depending on the player you are reporting if he belongs to TSU, Militsiya, or CPSU.

Make sure to follow the format, it is really simple.

All the data instantly appears, you will only have to follow it.


Reporter username: Johxnyy
Reported user: AngelOfDeath734.


The user was violating the fairness act by hiding in the pillars and killing me multiple times.


Type some information about why are you reporting the player and provide proof.

Here are some of the most common reasons to report someone.

  • Raiding while off-duty.
  • Raiding while on duty. (TK)
  • Afk farming.
  • Exploiting.

For more information regarding what actions can be punishable: Soviet Union Offenses.

If the player is AFK farming, make sure to send 2 pictures, there must be a timespan of at least 10 minutes between both of them. The current time must appear.


When appealing a ban for “exploiting”, you must provide information of what happened and it will be reviewed by a developer.

When appealing a ban for TKing an NCO+ you will have to find that NCO and get proof of him “vouching” for you (aka forgiving you), if the proof is correct and the NCO forgives you your ban will be retired and your honor will be restored.

While appealing a ban for TKing 3+ people, you might not be able to appeal it, you will have to provide solid proof and good reasoning that will convince the officer to unban you. Even though, this is really rare since you can kill max 2 people as an accident, but 3 doesn’t look like one.

The rest of the appeals are appealed the same way.


The lounge is the section where you can discuss topics, or just socialize. It also has 2 other sections, which would be the Trading sections, used to trade skins and other materials in Military Simulator 2. The 4th section is the questions one if you have any kind of question head there and you will post any kind of question you have, please ask questions related to the group.


An inspection will be announced weekly in the discord server, this will lead you to the training grounds where you will rally up.

When the inspection starts, an officer will approach you and ask you the format by saying “Format.” only and only after being asked, you will paste your format which goes like this:

(Rank), (Username), ready for inspection, Ser / Ma’am!

An example would be:

Johxnyy, Senior Lieutenant, ready for inspection, Ser!


Have you ever been killed but didn’t record it? The problem is solved now. A month ago I found a platform that records the last seconds of your gameplay, you will only press F8 and it will instantly import into the application where you will be able to convert it into a link.

This app is called Medal TV, millions of people use it and it is trusted.

You can sign up with your discord account, download the app and you are ready. Every time you get killed you will have the proof.

I am not advertising it, I am only recommending it since I know it will help most of you to not break any rules.


This is most of the information you might want to know, I hope this has helped you.

If you have any doubts, leave me a message, I usually answer.