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Are you new to the forum? Introduce yourself here!

  • What is your Roblox username?
  • What role do you have in the group?
  • How is your day? :grinning:
  • Whatever else you’d like to share.

Hi there, I am AdminDuckyie, but you can call me Max. I live in Germany and I am interested in the SCPF genre. I am a Exempt Secretary in CPSU and a Senior Co Script in the Red Army. Today, the 3rd October was a though day for me. I also have Bearded Dragons, and they’re cute!

  • Max, 3rdOctober 2020
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I’m RainyLofi, I live in England and at the moment I’m working on a few roblox game projects with friends.

My day has been pretty nice, very productive. It has gone quite slow though.

  • I’m a Red Army officer.
  • I’ve been in TSU since June 2019.
  • I enjoy programming on Roblox and also web develop & make bots on the side.

Sup everyone, acd. here.
By the time of the post, I still hold the title of oldest officer in TSU in total time! :flushed:
I watched this community grow and grow, since it had less then 10K members.

It is amazing how far we got, the friends we made, the treasons we take.
TSU is an incredible place for everyone, and I hope that this never ends!

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I’m ToMoFaZe, I’m from the United Kingdom. I’ve been an avid supporter of the Soviet Union for around 11-12 months now and along my somewhat lengthy journey I’ve met & interacted with some truly amazing people.

Here are some things I’d like to accomplish whist my journey continues:

  • Achieve the role of a High Rank (HR) within the Red Army.

  • Achieve the role of a High Rank (HR) within the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

  • What is your Roblox username?
  • What role do you have in the group?
    RA SSGT, Militsiya LT, CPSU PB
  • How is your day?
  • Whatever else you’d like to share.
    uh nothing except ive been playing military simulator for over a year now

My username is Mr_happyblox1
My day was good but even better because of the new forums
I been playing military simulator since the beta days

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My roblox username is: REALVONBV4
My ranks:RA:Corporal CPSU:Party Bureau TFOC: Junior Operator.
I’ve been playing MS since late 2019.
I’ve had a wonderful day so far.

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My name is Joshuaplayzerat
my roles as a Politician(CPSU), Law Enforcer(Militsiya), and the Military(Red army)
I’m having a great time at TSU so far
I joined TSU in during March
as an 8 month veteran, I’m still seeing TSU is going to bright future

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Hi. I’m msfgshodkccls. (I regret this name) I am from Hong Kong. I am an SSGT(RA), SGT(mili), CCC(CPSU). Pretty good day.

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Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself.

First of all, my name is Lions1y, but you can call me Lion! My previous name was Lionknight07, I think some of you would remember me. :grinning:

So, what roles do I have in the group? Well, let me tell you. I am currently a Central Auditing Commission member within the CPSU, otherwise known as a CAC, and I am also apart of many different divisions. Here are all my ranks listed:

  • CPSU - CAC (officer)
  • RA - Captain (NCO)
  • 5th Rifles Division - 190th Regiment
  • Spetsnaz - Spetsgruppa Smerch
  • Ministry Of Defence - Office Cell
  • The Soviet Media - Executive Marketer

Currently, my day is going quite good, as I have recently hit 1,000 subscribers on youtube! I am a British, 3rd culture kid with an interesting personality. I like socialising with others, as I like meeting new people. I run a YouTube channel (Lion Knight) which primarily does ROBLOX videos, but I do some other games as well. I’ve been in TSU for well over a year now and joined the discord in early May 2019, but I joined the ROBLOX group in February / March 2019.

TSU has changed me as a person, and I am very happy because of it. It has allowed me to improve my grammar, artwork, and social skills with others that I would’ve never gotten the opportunity to meet if I didn’t join TSU. This group has changed my life for the better, thank you all. I enjoy being in this community, and I am certain that I will never leave it.

Some goals that I’d like to achieve in my TSU life is to become a HiCOM for the CPSU and TSM. I’d also like to become the Executive Officer for Spetsnaz.



Helloo, my name is hack473. I live in Ireland and I’m trying to become a small Roblox Developer.

• My name is hack473.
• I have no current role in Red Army since I am a raider.
• My day is fine… the sun is shining.
• I joined Military Simulator in July 2019.
• I joined the first ever Hydra International made by Swaagness.

Wanting to join 5th and Red Guard.

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Hey there!

I’m CannedFoodTooll, I am a Red Guard.
I am currently banned from the discord server :frowning: . Anyways I ate breakfast for cereal.

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Greetings, my name is maciek and I’m a cool RG. :eyes:

Roblox username - maciek9259
Roles - RA NCO, Inductee, Captain
How’s my day? - Yes

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What role do you have in the group? = Just CPSU
How is your day?= good

Have fun for grinding B)

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My username is HermanosLuDi. I have been in ROBLOX for more than 4 years. I am currently in the 5th Rifles Division, 109th Infantry, and the Ministry of Defense. I am currently good. I am seeking to gain success in here and to gain success for this group.

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RA Captain, RxG SG, 5th 27th, TSU NCO, CPSU PS.

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Well My name is Midnight_kynan
I am an ex tsu member more commonly know as a raider
I am also one of the most common v2 raiders as I am online for many hours a day and have made a few friends
My day has been great

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Ello peeps my name is thefoxchallenger, I’m one of the oldest non-HICOM Militsiya Officers, and graduated from the first MOA of 2020 in early February. I’ve been in the community since early July 2019 so nearly 16 months ago if my epic brain correct.
I’m also a CAC member and 190th NCO, along with being a Blue guard (VIPPU), being the 2nd ever NCO for it.

I enjoy spending time in the community talking to people to get away from all my irl stress. Fun fact, I rarely I get mad in TSU (it’d be a rare sight to see me so) and usually is seen to be a chill often kinda immature, considering 95% of the time only thing you gonna hear me say is “e” or “a”.

My day usually is pretty good, though when I stay up late at night it gets pretty tiring. That’s all and thx for reading le epic paragraph and stay safe children.


Hello there, my name is qwertyuiopdab101, but you can call me “Qwerty”. I have been in all these following divisions so far throughout my time in TSU: Militsiya, CPSU, Red Army, and TFOC. Currently, I am a Politburo in CPSU, Staff Sergeant in TRA, and a Junior Operator in TFOC. My day is going well so far, but it is busy. I am very thankful for this great community because it helped me while playing in Military Simulator.

All the best,

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