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"How you get so much honor?" What would you say?

I was just imagining what it would be like telling someone who asks “how did you get so much honor?”. I would say "By reporting AFK farmers. What would you say?

I would say “I know the big secret to get the honor, i tell you how to get honor. step 1: join military simulator, step 2: get honor like every other person”


I would say “Play the game and don’t worry about your honor.”

I would just say
“Attend events”
“Spend a lot of hours in game”
But mostly I would say beg honor from majors

I have 13 honor ITS hard to get man

I have 23. It is very hard to get, unless you attend events or report people. ALL of my honor is earned, none of it bought by robux.

Actually I don’t even pay attention to my honor. I rarely check and it just feels as if my honor just spikes up.

I just checked someone’s honor that I reported, and he was disguised as a JC, now he is one.

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i stole it from the premier


I would say: “by AFK farming. wanna see cool spot for it and afk farm with me?”

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I would say: “Play this game 52:45 hours weekly.”

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Very true, Comrade. :flushed::flushed::flushed:

I would say, By playing 30 minutes everyday.

And I Have 139 honor.

If you would imagine Me getting that much honor by playing everyday, You Would Tell Me To Go Touch Some Grass.

I would say “Robux”.

Activity in the game and attening events.

I get my points by legitimate methods. These are;

Free & Legitmate Methods

  • Ingame Activity
    Try to be ingame for around 30 minutes per day.
Ingame Activity Information

You get honor, political power or enforcement, depending on where and on what you play, for a specific time ingame. Keep in mind that AFK-Farming, meaning staying AFK for more than 5 minutes, is strictly prohibited, and will result in punishments when caught (and I can assure you people get caught often).
You can find information regarding honor, political power & enforcement promotions by clicking on said point type.

  • Attend Events
    They give extra points
Events Information

Every branch has its own events, with its own regulations. Here are the main types of events, for each branch.

Red Army [RA] - Trainings > Honor point(s)
Communist Party of the Soviet Union [CPSU] - Meetings > Political Power point(s)
Militsiya - Trainings > Enforcement point(s)

NOTE: There are more types of events, I’ve just listed the main ones.

How many points you receive depends on how well you do, however, it is guaranteed that you’ll receive at least 1 point for staying till the end. If you want more information regarding that, listen to the hosts’ instructions as they go over the point system before every event.

RA events are announced in #events
CPSU events are announced in #cpsu-events
Militsiya Events are announced in #militsiya-events

Please note that my information around militsiya may be incorrect since I am not part of militsiya. If something is wrong, please correct me in the comments.

  • Join (sub)divisions
    It's more fun to play on them!
(Sub)Divisions information

Every branch has their divisions and subdivisions. For example,

  • The Communist Party of the Soviet Union has the Ministry of Defense. Abbreviation: MoD
  • The Red Army has The Facility Operations Command. Abbreviation: TFOC
  • The Militsiya has OMON. No abbreviation.

It’s really worth it to join a (sub)division, as they all have a nice community & it’s more exciting to play on an exclusive team, with more things to do and to stand out of the masses. (Sub)Divisions have their choice how they want to recruit, here are a few examples with a corresponding (sub)division:

  • Application | Central Auditing Committee [CPSU]
  • Tryout | 5th Rifle Division [RA]
  • Invitation | Committee of State Security [RA]
  • Multiple Stage Process | The Facility Operations Command

Applications, academies & tryout ads/notifications are always posted in the #recruitment channel.

More Informations to branches
  • The Communist Party of the Soviet Union, CPSU
    Politicians, Political duties, Civil duties.
    Military Simulator 1
    Found in the City and the Palace.
    Military Simulator 2
    Found in the City.

  • The Red Army, RA
    Army, Protective Duties, Protecting the border, operating the border.
    Military Simulator 1
    Found at the Border, City and the Palace
    Military Simulator 2
    Found at the Border.
    Note: Only high-ranking RA officers are able to go on team in the city or palace, in my knowledge, only in v1. Please correct me if incorrect.

  • Militsiya
    Police, Protective Duties, Guarding.
    Military Simulator 1
    Found in the City and the Palace
    Military Simulator 2
    Found in the City.

Main Group
The Bot will rank you accordingly to your ranks in the branches.

Paid & Legitimate Methods

  • Buying points
More Information

Buying points will give you points in exchange for robux. Each branch has its “dealer” or “shop” at its spawn. Points are expensive, for good.

I hope this could help you further and answer your questions.


I got 117 honors (before i left red army) and here is how i get it:

I playing MS since 2020 and used to play 30 mins a full day, then in 2021 I started joining divisions which increased my activity in-game. Then I started attending stuff like general training, combat training and inspections. That how I became lieutenant in the red army (before leaving it lol)

May I ask, why did you leave?