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How to join OMON and KGB

I really want to join OMON and KGB but I don’t know how to join

OMON is gained by passing a tryout hosted in militsiya events channel.

KGB is by passing the Application in the #recruitments channel in TSU Discord Server. The application is not always there, so you have to be patient and wait for it when it shows up.

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is it VIP servers? What game?

join this & verify to go to tryout

It’s VIP servers, and they’re announced. You can’t randomly join the servers.

Alr, just wondering.

Im already in, its just im not a militsiya.

then join militsiya : D



thats never going to work

No one that is legally using the forums or discord is going to do this

Unless if they are a rock.

Half of the rocks in TSU are underage people, the others are just people with no lives that troll the game.

what are you doing in this post then, go appeal

its in the pinned posts smh

This is the type of effort you will put into your appeal which should get you unbanned from discord. That is never going to get you unbanned.

Go to the main page. Start a new topic. List it under Discord appeals, the format should appear. Just fill in what the format says to put in.

what does it do then