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Have you been tked by a rock yet?

So yeah the question is have you been tked yet

For me? being a SO in TFOC I always see rocks trying to TK me like this one rock

I cuffed a rock to a post and as soon as I let go he started shooting me so I cuffed him and warned him again but as soon as I let go again he tried to TK me then boom he is jailed.


Many times, my friend. The rocks don’t know what self control is. They will never learn unless if they have the brain to read the rules.

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“Yet” If a person says no they have been part of the community for less than 15 minutes.

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It is basically a coming of age. If you haven’t been killed by a rock then you’ve never played TSU.

Many times. I wouldn’t know a single person who wasn’t yet TKed by a rock.

Yeah, the only people who haven’t been TK’ed or RK’ed is a person that isn’t part of MS community.

One time I got TKed 3 times in a row by different JCs when I was a mecha. I did nothing wrong :C

Yep they had TKed me for killing them because they went outside and as a 5th I have to kill them. And they got mad and try to TK me.

Once some CPSU killed me for using a jetpack, even when he used a jetpack.

And another militsiya killed me because I wouldn’t “evacuate to the palace”, due to “violance”.

The correct questions is, “How many times have you been TKed by a rock?”

everyone has been tked or rked by rocks 999999999999999999999999 times, the question is simple



No but I am a rock who has TKed before. Got demoted lol.

It is somewhat of a coming of age story. If you haven’t been TKed yet, it means you are brand new.

As a TFOC, I can say that I’ve been TKed multiple times and had many more attempts on my life. The main thing is that those who TK TFOC are either kids who think we’re from different armies ( I saw that once), don’t want dead RA or hate authority.

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Yes I can confirm. Had it before from AFK farmers. I killed them after checking them, and they immediately respawn and TK me. Lovely people.

I cant say how many times ive been Tked by Rocks, it happens usually twice a week for me.

Twice a week? I get TKed more than twice everyday!

I don’t play MS everyday anymore, but when I did, as mafia, some random JC would just start shooting me, and I died. This occurred like 2-3 times a day.