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Global Document Blacklist


Username: Xk56444
Discord: The one I have been blacklisted on is Duck.#8538 and I have a new acc cause I factory reset my pc and forgot the credentials to the acc so my new is Beckmen#2217.


So basically, this is my second attempt and I will get more in-depht with this appeal so you know exactly what happened as the last one wasn’t clear.

I was scrolling through the TFOC handbook when I got a DM from my friend to screenshot some messages from a guy he hated because of personal reasons and he told me to go in contact with him and screenshot and stuff (won’t go into that). When he Direct Messaged me to send him the screenshots, I was still on the Chrome tab and not on the Discord tab on my second monitor. (I was on the tab with they guy I just have gotten the notification in the top corner to do it) so I was screenshooting when I realised I was on the wrong monitor and that’s how I got blacklisted. I directly went into the owner of TFOC dm’s. They (not sure what gender they are I don’t wanna assume) asked me what happened and I told them what happened, they told me to appeal.

I was viewing the main TFOC handbook.

Quick note: My nitro ran out when my name was Xk56444#0001 so I changed it to what it currently is and then left it right there.
Also this is my second attempt as I put in the wrong discord at the last appeal.
Please remove it so I can finally join a division back, cheers and thanks.
The owner of TFOC is: MysteriousAzi#1888

Couldn’t notify an appropriate officer. Global moderator will review your request soon.

Internal information:

Please review the blacklists and take an action if necessary.

237476-58176-1479 (ADMIN URL - CLICK ME)

Note: Removing users’ blacklists from those documents will unblacklist them globally.

Update: The owners discord changed: Akiyama#0420 its now.