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Game Ban Appeal


Username: CallMe0O_F


I was in a RA inspection server and we just finished the event. And you know the drill, we like to use guns to kill each other after the inspection is over. However, I stayed still and tried not to do that for a while due to many players there and the server was laggy due to that. However, when the server became less laggy, I started to use my Colt gun to start killing other players for fun purposes only. We always do that every inspection and it is fun to do. However, this time I spammed equipping and unequipping my colt gun which resulted into triggering the AntiCheat and banning me for 72 hours. Well, I didn’t really think this would happen but I think that’s a lesson to me. I didn’t try to do anything that can make the game less enjoyable, as I mentioned, this is just something we do for fun after the inspection is over. Now, I learnt my lesson that there is an AntiCheat and that any of my actions may trigger it. I really apologize and hopefully you can accept my apology. Thank you for reading this.

Best regards,

(here is an image of the ban message)