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Furries taking over TSU

Bad news everybody the Furries are taking over TSU by sending furry TSU picture.


Look at this everything We wished of becoming turned into furry.


Where are the Militsiya Officers :frowning:


what if you make raider furries


I did not make these Im super bad at art.

when it’s not even art


Kill them all
Sk them, RK them, TK them

Yes the furries need to go to the JC clubhouse and get lots of RK SK and insanity.

I can image some sort of inside joke for a furry division that people actually take part in happening and it is hilarious to me lol

Imagine furry DLC gamepass for 1000 robux and all of morphs get turned into furry morphs when you buy it including division morphs, Red Army morphs, and morphs like juggernaut and mad scientist.

Burn them, fry them, completely vernichten them. We need Mobile Task Force Beta 7 designated “Haz Matters” to annihilate and contain some of these entities.

why does this exist
this is horror
this is tsu in a nutshell yes

Tbh raiders are more like anti furries. In T9R when there is a furry they get mentally destroyed by people and in TSU they get complimented

This is why raiders are superior.
No degeneracy gets past raiders