The Soviet Union Forum

Forum update!

Hey! Hello!

We’ve just switched to our new software. Unfortunately there was no good way to transform the data from the old one, so we have decided to start with fresh installation.


  • The forum is now much cleaner!
  • You may now install the forum as mobile application.
  • You may now receive forum promotions basing on your activity.
  • The support has been revamped. Visit for more information.


Since the forum has been changed, you’ll have to create a new account here. Don’t worry - the process doesn’t take long! Just press “Log in with Discord” and forum will do the rest for you.

When signing up please review the new documents as well - they have been modified.

Thanks for staying with us! We hope the forum will now be much easier to use and communicate with staff. :slight_smile:


How would you find the mobile application?