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Day 29: Removal

As I woke up, one of the doctors handed me a letter. It was from the CPSU Officer team. I felt like I was in trouble.

I opened up the letter, not feeling too confident about it. I grabbed it out of the envelope.

I carefully read through it, so I wouldn’t miss anything written in the letter. As I saw what was inside, I was saddened to hear what happened.

As I found out, our Head of the Central Auditing Commission discharged from his position. It saddened me to hear that he did.

Now what this meant was a bad thing. Do this basically meant that, CAC wouldn’t be there anymore.

CAC would basically be removed, meaning I would lose my job as a Political Officer, which made me quite sad.

I just had to think of my next step. I could take a job higher up, like becoming an army Officer. But it would take a lot of time to get there.

I laid my head back down, thinking about what I should do next.

Concluding my twenty ninth day…

Day 30?
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How did you react when the HoCAC (Awiek), discharged from his position? :thinking:


Me when forgot to read: :sob::sob::sob::sob::potato::sob::sob:

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The head of CAC is Xsplusher, not Awiek. Awiek was the Minister of Defense in MoD.

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Why are you say zis? Zis is a silly, zis is a silly and danger. :sob:

Can Day 20 be about the media board asking for flags for the V2 divisions that do not have a flag.

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i guess its time to read 28 more of these stories i havent seen

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@levisaarberg BEEP BEEP Make a new story reminder!

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