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Current news of the Raider Community

So uh, I feel like just giving forum people news of what just happened.

Department of Justice
The Dark Resistance,
The Black Business,
Titan’s hand
The Royal Republic
The Romanian Insurgency have all declared war on Hydra International

The Inner Circle
The Steel Insurgency said that they will stay neutral.

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what exactly is titans hand, royal republic, and romanian insurgency

No clue. Probably some other raiding groups.

Oh god. They’re talking about Jokers’ Riot 2.0… This will affect the MS community heavily.

Titans hand is a random raider group that declared war on hydra.
pretty much the same thing with Royal republic nd
Romanian Insurgency is an AoS Raider group h

i have never heard of that raider group until i saw this lol

ok good cause god there the worst.

also hydra
walking along border saying hello to everyone

who remembers the TIC vs HYDRA war

I served in it
The horrors…
I have seen a lot in that war…

And I was eating popcorn when the war was happening right off the border in the spawn zone

I actually served in it

you left cause you guys were losing

I was in it. I was there.

It just looks like five raider groups going against one.

I have never heard of most of those groups.

It was all hell broke loose out there

Serb’s coming back to ms pog

t9r still neutral owo uwu