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[CLOSED] UntoldVengeance appealing for TFOC ban

So I was in a TFOC chat, having a bit of fun with everyone else then I said someone simped for someone else, I got an Indoc and had to write out an entire story on how an iceberg formed, I was just having a but of fun and got a little carried away by saying something I should not have said, I wish to be unbanned because I can be trusted to rejoin and do my job as TFOC

I am an Ex. SO appealing for a ban that I know was wrong and I will make sure to think before I say anything.

Hi there,

This is not the place to appeal for TFOC Discord bans as us moderators are not affiliated with that discord, therefore we cannot take any action to unban you. If you wish to be unbanned, I would communicate with TFOC HICOM to talk about your ban/blacklist.