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[CLOSED] Player who is 12 years old. and is in the discord server

Reporter username: skatingalex
Reported user: ggegggeg

Player asked the requirements to join TFOC, I said to him “You need to be 13+, SC+ and mature”, he told me he was 12 and he was in the discord server.

You must be 13+ to be in the discord server or 13+ to have discord generally.

Hi there,

Thank you for your report, I have gone through the evidence provided, and have deemed no action necessary.

It seems that this report is out of our format. We will, however, continue to keep an eye out for any further reports made against this individual and take action accordingly.

Format for the title is:

  • [Your username] reporting [Accused username]
  • For more information regarding the format, please refer to Player Report Format

Report Status: Unfounded :no_entry: