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[CLOSED] Discord Server Appeal


Username: skatingalex
Discord: exe.#6969
Discord Id: 580808001599045633
Ban reason: Posting “NSFW” picture of Super Mario.


I believe I should be unbanned from TSU. I understand that what I did was wrong, even if it was accidental. I take full responsibility for posting inappropriate images in TSU. But I still feel like I deserve a second chance. People make mistakes all the time, and most of them get forgiven. I will accept it if you do not let me back in, But I wanted to try. I have so much potential I could bring to TSU. Does that deserve to be ruined because of one mistake? I have had many great goals set ahead for my career such as RxG, 5th Rifles, and OMON.I am willing to take any punishment, as long as I can come back. TSU has such a great community, and I dont want to be kicked out because of a simple mistake. It all first started from the TFOC discord server when I accidentally posted the wrong file to the TFOC chat. When it posted, I immidiately realised I uploaded the wrong photo and quickly deleted it. But until then someone noticed it and pinged HICOM and kicked me from the server. But I still cannot realize why was I banned from the main TSU server. Last appeal I sent I did not give enough/much information of what exactly happened and was denied. I was told to send an email to [email protected] for a further appeal, but it’s been a day and I still have not got a response. I was also banned last year, October 2020 for being underaged, and re-appealed September 2021. Please, I would not want to go through this again, I had so much patience to serve for TSU once again. I would like to apologize anyways for my mistakes during my TFOC and TSU career and for being so stupid. If I get back to the server, I will try as hard as I can to obey every single rule and follow instructions as given. I believe I had made big differences during my carrer and had created lots of memories. I do not wish to go back to raiding because I think it sucks. I absolutely do not mind if you want to mute me in every channel, I just want to be able to attend events and achieve my goals. Please read the paragraph below.


It would make more sense if I could send the “NSFW” picture in DMs to the Officer/Moderator reading this so they would believe me it was not that bad. (exe.#6969).

Hi there,

Thank you for your patience.
After a thorough look at the evidence provided, and your appeal, I have decided to deny your attempt to be unbanned from the guild.

After being given the evidence provided by the officer in which who banned you, I came to the conclusion that the NSFW you posted was absolutely inappropriate and a violation of our community guidelines. Although you claim that it “Wasn’t bad” I majorly disagree with your statement, and for now, my decision will stand.

Appeal Status: Denied. :no_entry: