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[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal


Username: Marcox1048
Discord: j1#4155
Discord Id: 645747246100512781
Ban reason: Not sure


In 2019 I got banned from the tsu discord and I’m not sure about the ban reason but I think it has to do with me dming vikinglaw, at that time I was not aware about the forums, so I deleted the discord account that I was banned and made another discord account, yes I know that is ban evading but at that time I did not know you couldn’t do that and in 2021 I got banned with no bot dming me nothing, I had forgotten that I ban evaded in 2019, my apologies.
At that time I was new to the discord rules so I wasn’t aware but now I’m aware about the rules, once again my apologies.

Your ban is not registered with the system for this particular ID. It would seem that an alternate account from the same IP happens to be banned from the server. This might be the issue. Kindly check for the same, and if found, post a new appeal accordingly.