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[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal


Username: ( unfixedsnail261 )
Discord: ( $8881 )
Discord Id: ( 508792273623056395 )
Ban reason: ( pinging mods )


One day I was looking through the soviet discord and I noticed that a user had pinged the premier so I pinged a mod so the person who ping vikinglaw would be punished but instead of punishing the person who pinged vikinglaw he permanently banned me. I had never broken any of the rules on the discord and I am very sorry that I pinged the mod I hope that you unban me.

Hi there,

Thank you for your patience, at this time, I have gone ahead and unbanned you from the discord server.

For future reference, to avoid being banned from the server, please ensure that you follow all ROBLOX Terms Of Service, Discord Terms Of Service and our Community Rules and Regulations. Breach of any of these rules, may result in disciplinary action against you and may affect your standing in the community.

Appeal Status: Complete :white_check_mark: