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[CLOSED] Discord ban appeal for typing


Username: ( lmperiallntelligence )
Discord: ( Intelligence#0001 )
Discord Id: ( 661776559786557450 )
Ban reason: ( Typing )


Alright, at first I remember devkurka made an announcement pertaining certain links being whitelisted like, gyazo, so I tested it out in #public and it turns out, it didn’t go out so well. So instead I decided, let’s stop being a complete monkey and lets actually get myself unbanned and stop typing links for fun. So yea, time to appeal.

Hey moderators, i’m sincerely sorry for my actions i’ve done today as acting as the “attention monkey” wasn’t much fun when I missed out on a CRU tryout which i’ve been wanting to join. I realized that I committed a bit stupid and shouldn’t have done it, please give me a chance to this as I now know that the bot bans me for “false advertising” which I realized still falls under the category of advertising. Therefore I promise not to falsely advertise (our own forums) and i’ll ensure the same mistake wouldn’t happen again after this. After missing my only chance to join CRU this week, I deeply regret ruining it just by testing the bot.
( Describe why you think we should unban you )


PS: Hey bitgames, it’s not cool to shame people for things they haven’t done, use your eyes for godsakes. Don’t think i’m dumb and couldn’t ask my friends for temporary access and just a FYI, don’t be like this monkey named bitgamesbrother1 for encouraging other’s to get banned. Not cool. Also, i’m not mad at all, i’m just annoyed that I missed a tryout I could have attended. You don’t read my feelings or reactions over an online lego discord server. Use that smooth rock brain of yours you utter bozo.

Nvm, my ban time is up.