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[CLOSED] Ban appeal for put a nazi symbol

Data 14/09/2021

Username: NoobVipgfd
Discord: NoobVipgfd#3940
Discord Id: 606984715660034118
Ban reason: Nazism


( Describe why you think we should unban you ) I want to be disbanded because when I put that Nazi symbol I believed that people were going to be taken as a joke but I see that no one has taken it as a serious joke I did not want to be a Nazi or of that I swear that I will not do that more.
Pls i sorry all moderators

Hi there,

Thank you for your patience.
At this time, I have decided to deny your appeal for an unban from the TSU Discord server.

This may be for any one of the below mentioned reasons:

  • Infraction too severe for appeal
  • Insincere appeal

If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of this appeal, and would like to make a further appeal, you may write to [email protected]. Make sure to provide a link to this topic in your email, along with complete details of the appeal.

Appeal Status: Denied. :no_entry: