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Blacklisted form an 5th rifle documnet


Username: kozaba
Discord: kozaba#3845


( What has happened just before you were blacklisted? )
So I joined 5th rifle and I want to the 5th rifle hand book document to read I read the whole thing and at the end there is Border Procedures so I thought that was important and I wanted to screenshot it so I can remember it easily, and when I screened it black listed me. Obviously I’m retarded and didn’t know that it can black list me, I dint share to no one this info because I don’t want be exiled from the 5th because I put time and effort in to joining it, also none from my friends is playing this game except one guy who is in 5th also.
If u could please un blacklist me so I can view that document incase I forget some information. Thanks.

( What document were you viewing? )
5th Rifle Division Handbook

Your account is not blacklisted in the documents system.

Please note this category should only be used to get help related to the documents system ( blacklists. If your topic is about something else, you should delete it.
Otherwise please wait for moderator’s response.

Bruh. It says I’m blacklisted every time this bot says this.

Can you repeat the exact error it gives you? No screenshots

It just says this every time il send the appeal again and you will see.

u see Blacklisted form an 5th rifle document