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Blacklisted form an 5th rifle documnet


Username: kozaba
Discord: kozaba#3845


( What has happened just before you were blacklisted? )
So I joined 5th rifle and I want to the 5th rifle hand book document to read I read the whole thing and at the end there is Border Procedures so I thought that was important and I wanted to screenshot it so I can remember it easily, and when I screened it black listed me. I dint share to no one this info because I don’t want be exiled from the 5th because I put time and effort in to joining it, also none from my friends is playing this game except one guy who is in 5th also.
If u could please un blacklist me so I can view that document incase I forget some information. Thanks.

( What document were you viewing? )
5th Rifle Division Handbook

Your account is not blacklisted in the documents system.

Please note this category should only be used to get help related to the documents system ( blacklists. If your topic is about something else, you should delete it.
Otherwise please wait for moderator’s response.