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Awesome and Cool CPSU Fanart

I was very bored today, so I got a pic of the CPSU group pfp and made some cool edits.
In my opinion, my fanart for CPSU looks very awesome to me. So here it is.

"Glory to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union!"

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@qwertyuiopdab101 , Thank you for making that Fanart. I’m pretty sure every piece of fanart is admired by someone. And this is admired by me. It is very awesome and cool that someone made a gangsta piece of art for my branch. Very appreciated and I hope you do more and cool things like this in the future. Have a great day!

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Thank you very much for your feedback! I am glad you enjoy this fanart. Have a wonderful rest of your day/night! :smiley:

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Hold on I suddenly recognise your username…
You were that rock JC which I told to stop trolling when I was conscript
Glad to see you have matured
Of course this was like 1 year ago

By the way Fox is a girl I think
Dang you got yourself a girl man :wink:

Nope, wrong. I’m male.

You talk like a girl.

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I never trolled when I was a JC back in june of 2020 (when I joined). I just did not know how to rank up so my friend and I asked ppl how to rank up but it took so long to figure it out. But that was a very long time ago.

That’s cool! Consider posting it in this channel in the TSU communications server: Discord

I remember your username
Dont lie

Possibly the worst fan art of the worst division that I should be congratulating you. Good job on making garbage more terrible.

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Hey no bully! Bully is bad! Fanart very cool and swag though :sunglasses:

I love that glorious complement. I know that it is just garbage, but at least it shows opinions about CPSU

well just to tell you what, i didnt ever troll as a LR while in my early service in TSU. you probably saw someone who had a similar username.

i didnt troll cause i was scared of getting punished but i realized that literally nobody would care too much

ok and? cope lol xdxd