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Asking question about the exploiters

Why the flingers should be reported for exploiting I am thinking on myself the fling script it was just a dancing animation but for me the flinging is doesn’t effecting for the game it was just a fling dance and I am not depending the exploiters idk why the flingers needed to report for exploiting I know the fling script is a part of synapse injection but I never trying to use fling script tbh I only exploit once but I stopped my question is why the flingers should be banned for exploiting it seems it was just using animation but I thought its just a normal dance in roblox the I know tbh I am always reporting the flingers for exploiting but for me its not for exploiting I will ask once again is the flinging will effecting in game if someone using that exploiting?

Comment a answer if you know what does effect in game the fling script.

Fling script just flings everyone around and ensures that raiders can’t raid, immigrants can’t pass, RA can’t operate, divisionals can’t shoot raiders/shoot RA outside, basically to “disable” the game temporarily (i’m not the exploiter but i’ve executed the fling script in prison life many times)

ok ty in your opinion