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A continuation of "The Stupidity of the TSU"

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It got closed for a reason, why would you make it again?

It got closed because there was too much “arguing”. By turning it into debating, I still get to write paragraph-long answers to people while having it stay up.

another fatherless child :moyai:

So you are saying that since it was your post that you are that lightningboy_7’s other account?

Jesus Christ you and “lightingboy” both are strikingly similar!!

Let’s go through the evidence!!

-both are fatherless
-both do not know when to give up
-both spend 24/7 on these forums
-both write paragraphs upon paragraphs arguing on why a community is bad
-both act like karens
-both probably are vegans
-both of you people probably have an irl name of “emily”
-both are not male nor female

Your insult both has no basis and means nothing. Also you didn’t follow the rules.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

You are unfortunately giving more proof to why my statement is right.

Your paragraph in response to mine is all the evidence I need.

I rest my case.

Btw stop denying your true love and go marry your sole mate (lightingboy) you two are perfect for one another

Idk what “proof” I am giving you, but it obviously isn’t good. I am not doing anything you aren’t. The only difference is that you like the Soviet Union (for some god forsaken reason) and I clearly don’t. And stop comparing me to Lightningboy. Just because I agree with him doesn’t mean I know anything else about him or even like him. Holy cow, your like a child

And don’t fool yourself. You will clearly respond. And If by some extrmely small chance that you don’t, it’s in spite of this comment.


You just made a couple! Really impressive ngl.

you’re* sorry had to correct :slight_smile:

Quite alright. I get it.

Who in god bloody name didn’t just IP ban this guy, bro like we don’t need or want to know about his existence anymore. Someone ip ban this guy and shut him down again because he’s one of the tards that’ll always go on a VPN and make new accounts smh. Like bro stop posting the same thing when the staff said no, we don’t want to argue about some lame topic that was shutdown again, you’re not funny and i’m not sure why you thought creating this again is entertaining at all. We don’t envy your existence on this platform so go eat rock powder like the conscripts smh.

although you may strongly dislike this individual try not to insult them too much, and just let the mods deal with it, afterall this is just a block game no reason to get too mad at it, although I would say the person who first made this topic did indeed get quite mad at this block game, but let’s try to be more mature here so we can debate calmly and not appear super immautre to the other side.

Yes, senior private!

You don’t know anything about him yet you are friends on

You are such a tsundere :wink:

PS. You are either a blatant alt or lightingboy’s love

You two are clearly the only people
Idiotic enough to continuously start new arguments despite getting warned by mods multiple times

Like fr imagine making a new topic just to continue something that has already been shut down because it broke the rules